Guide on how to play and read the football market at SBOBET

This guide on how to play and read the market on the daftar akun sbobet88 Online ball is given to new members to make it easier for players to place bets on the SBOBET Soccer Agent menu. For new players, of course, they will find some new terms that are not yet understood. The following is a brief guide that we will provide as follows:
Home & Away :

Home and Away Menu

Home is the Home Team, the home team is generally red and its position is always on top.
Away is the Away Team, for the away team it is generally blue.

for FT / HT information:
* Full Time is a pair bet for until the match ends.
* First Half is a pair bet for the first half only.

HDP (Handicap):

If the team with red writing color then the team gives voor.
for numbers that are red and a minus sign is the Team that is subject to kei (water bills / taxes)
– Merlbourne City 0-0.5 1.04 vs Adelaide United -1.13
– Merlbourne City 0.0 -1.44 vs Adelaide United 1.29
– Merlbourne City 0.50 1.35 vs Adelaide United -1.51
there are 3 voor options that you can place based on the betting market that is open.
For red numbers, if you win, you are paid according to the pair, but if you lose you have to pay kei money (considered as a tax where the team is the favorite and has a high HDP ).
Example Voor :
0-0.5 = voor 1/4
0.0 = no voor
0.5 = voor 1/2
0.5-1 = voor 3/4
1-1.5 = voor 1 1/4

For HDP (handicap), O/U (Over/Under) and O/E (Odds-Even/Even-Odd) there are always numbers (Kei Money) in black or red.

*Black Number = If we lose we pay according to what we bet, and if we win we get more money than what we bet (depending on the odds value)
Black number, kei is 1.04 -> bet 100 thousand. If you win 100 x 1.04 = 104 thousand and if you lose, you only need to pay 100 thousand.

*Red Number = if we win we will get the money we bet, but if we lose we have to pay more than what was bet (depending on the odds value)
Example of red kei money, kei is -1.13 -> bet 100k. If you lose 100 x 1.13 = 113 thousand and if you win then you will only get 100 thousand.

For the HDP column there is a voor of 0.50, for example the result of the match is 0-0, because the voor is 0.50, then if we install Merlbourne City, we will lose in full.
And vice versa if we install Adelaide united, then we will win Full.
* But if the result of the match is won by Melbourne City with a difference of more than 1 goal
then we will win in full (Melbourne City)

O/U (Over/Under):

For the Over Under betting column it is next to the HDP column, under the O/U column there is a voor, namely 2.5-3 This means, if the bet is over, then the result of the match must be at least 3 goals (if there are 3 goals then we win (half) If the result of the match is more than 3 goals, then you win in full. Meanwhile, if you bet under, the opposite is over. If the total goals are 3 then you lose (half), and if the number of goals is more than 3, it means you lose in full. Under is declared to win if the number of goals is not more than 3 and vice versa Over wins if the number of goals is above 3, for the calculation of the kei money it is also the same as HDP.

O/E ( Odds-Even / Even-Odd ):
This type of bet only chooses the number of final goals scored in the match of both teams Odd or Even, for the calculation of the kei money also the same as HDP.

1X2 :


For 1 X 2 bets it is guessing to win, draw or lose. To place a bet, you just need to click directly on the available odds.
Example: if you guess Melbourne City will win, just click on ods 2.28
1 = Host (home) meaning we guess the home team will win.
X = Draw means we guess the game ends in a draw.
2 = Away (Away) means we guess the away team wins.

Double Chance :


Double chance or Double chance is a type of bet at SBOBET that combines 1X2 for the final result (2 x 45 minutes of normal round).

FT/HT (FullTime/HalfTime):

For HT/FT betting, which is to guess the result of the first half match and combine it with the result of the match at full time or the match is finished, so it is called HT/FT (half time/full time).
Here is an example of HT/FT odds in the inaugural Australian league match.
H = Home –> Home Team wins
D = Draw –> Draw result
A = Away –> Away team wins
If HH is played, it means that Melbourne City won the first half (regardless of the score) & at the end of the match, Melbourne City still won the result (whatever the score).
Example: the results of the HH match, the first half scored 1-0, after the match the score remained 1-0.
Example: HD match results, first half score 1-0, finished match score 1-1.
Example: HA match results, first half score 1-0, finished match score 1-2.
DH = Draw, Home
DD = Draw, Draw
DA = Draw, Away
AH = Away, Home
AD = Away, Draw
AA = Away, Away


Mix Parlay is a bet in the form of a package with a minimum of 3 teams and in 1 package if there is 1 team loses then it is calculated using all losses, if there is a team that draws then that team is not counted. The Mix Parlay calculation is just adding the value of the three Odds of the team you choose a + b + c and the total odds are just multiplied by the number of bets.


If the bet is IDR 100k
1,770 x ( 0.5) x ( 0.5 ) x 1,890 x 100 – 100 = -16.37
Example Package containing 2 Teams win half ( Win Half )
A -vs-B
FT Score 2- 1
pick=A @-0.75/1.740 ( Half Win )
Calculation of the value : 1.740 – 1 = 0.74 : 2 = 0.37 So 1.37
FT Score 3-1
pick=C @-0.25/1.900
E -vs -F
FT Score 1-0
pick=F @1.25/1.930 (Win Half)
G -vs-H
FT Score 1-3
pick=H @0.00/1.880
If bet Rp.300k
[(1.74 – 1 )/ 2) + 1 x 1.9 x [(1.93 – 1 )/ 2 ] + 1 x 1.88 x 300 – 300 = 1,850.75
Nb: Win value includes Capital, so net win can be calculated by deducting capital ( 1.850 – 300 = 1550 )

Correct Score :


For Betting Correct score is to guess the final result of a match.
Select 1:0 means the score must be 1:0
Select 2:5 means the score must be 2:5 (Host 2 and Guest 5)

Outright :

Outright itself is a bet that requires us to choose which team will be the champion at the end of the tournament.


Example :

If at the end of the 2014/2015 UEFA Champions League tournament you place a bet on Real Madried Team, the final champion is Real Madrid then the bet placed will automatically win.

This is our short guide on how to read the soccer market at SBOBET and hopefully it will help new players.