Guide to Playing the Correct Mix Parlay Betting

Guide to Playing Correct Mix Parlay Betting – The Mix Parlay soccer betting game is a type of random ball bet. Where you for the bettor must choose a minimum of 3 teams and an optimal of 20 football teams randomly as well as 1 package.

Steps to Play Mix Parlay For Complete Beginners With Calculation Descriptions

In playing this Mix Parlay gambling , you can choose what type of ball agen sbobet88 terpercaya market is in the form of Asian Handicap, 1×2, Over/Under, Correct Score (score guess), or Overall Goal (number of goals) both in Half time Match (first set) or Full Time (2×45 minutes). It’s free as long as it’s not in a similar match, guys.

For the payment of the winnings is the multiplication of the odds value (kei) of the football teams you choose and multiplied by your Bet Value.

Below is a complete tutorial on how to bet and calculate the mix parlay, namely:

After you have successfully selected 3 teams, there will be a column on the left. Then you can enter the amount of your bet value. In that column there will be the words Mix Parlay @ 6.884 meaning it is the kei payment multiplied by the total value of your bet.

For example, for example, if your bet is 50 (Rp 50,000) because it is a multiplication of 6.884 prizes, if all 3 of your teams win in full, then the prize you will get is = 50 x (6,884–1) = 5.884 x 50 = ( in the amount of IDR 294,200).

It must be remembered that each existing Multiply Value must be reduced by 1 (one), which is then multiplied by the Amount of the Bet Value that you have bet on.
Steps to Play Mix Parlay For Beginners Complete with Calculation Description