How to Play Basketball Betting in Online Gambling

Basketball is one of the most popular sports games and has become the talk of many people, besides being interesting, this basketball game is also very cool if used as an online betting material like in football.

But unfortunately not everyone understands how to play bets at online slot gambling agents correctly, so they don’t know how to calculate scores and place bets on basketball games such as the NBA, NBL, NCAA. So that some online betting players will be very hesitant to play basketball in this online gambling.

Because many players don’t really understand, therefore we will provide a little help on judi online resmi how to play and calculate basketball at online gambling agents and how to place bets and calculate scores for this type of basketball. For this reason, we will understand the explanation of how to play and bet on basketball.

-Full Time Handicap
is the difference in the total point score of the two teams obtained in the full time round (4 Quarter total). Just like in the case of football handicaps, basketball is the same as this handicap rule, the difference is if in the Full Time round the result is a draw with an example of 104-104 then there is an over time for 5 minutes until the winner comes out. Then the handicap bet is calculated until a team wins. In other words, overtime still counts in this bet.

-Half Time Handicap
is the total score difference between half a half consisting of only 2 quarters. If you play this bet will be determined on a total of 2Quarter only, 3rd and 4th Quarter will not affect your bet.

-First, Second and Third Quarter
are rounds where the handicap calculation is only counted for 1 Quarter, you are free to choose which Quarter you will play if the first quarter means only the first quarter, the second quarter is the second quarter and the third quarter is the third quarter just. If you play a bet in the first quarter, the point value that will be calculated is only 1 quarter without affecting the other quarters.

-Over Under
is the total points of both teams playing in the first half and full time. Over Under itself is also available in first, second, third quarter, first half and full time. If in full time both teams end in a draw, an overtime round will be held. If you play over under then for the over time round it will be counted into your bet until someone comes out as a winner.

-Three Point Handicap
is a total of three points obtained by each team in full time or over time. This calculation is the same as a handicap, only the difference is the difference between the teams that get three points.

is a bet that the total point value obtained by both teams will end in odd (odd) or even (even). If the total point value of both teams in full time is 110-119 then the total points obtained are 229 then odd will win the bet.

-First to Score
is a type of bet intended for the team that will score a point score for the first time but if the match is canceled or postponed after a team has scored the first point then your bet will still be valid and running.

-Last to Score
is a type of bet intended for the team to score the last point before the end of the match.

Thus the article on how to play basketball bets on online slot gambling sites to make it easier for online betting players to understand and understand how to play bets and calculate scores to ensure the victory that will be obtained.