Mega wheel is a new game in live casino made with pragmatic play. This game was only released in September 2020 in pragmatic play and with the release of this game also adds to the choice of games.

The game is centered on a large wheel and has 54 segments (slices). Each segment on the wheel has one of the following numbers 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40. The bet on this game is also a minimum of a thousand and a maximum; The stake is one million. The total time given to you to place a bet is 15 seconds, this time is considered sufficient.

Game pragmatic play states that the inspiration for this game daftar slot osg777 is the wheel of money or big 6. From the point of view that can be seen, this game is very interesting because it is a wheel of fortune. Why is it called luck? because this game is done by rotating and has a bright color.

The one turning the wheel is the game host, and there’s also the facility to chat while the game is in progress.

How to Play Mega Wheel Pragmatic Play
The presenters in this game have been specially trained in carrying out their duties, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. Games also take place in professional casino studios where the venue meets the requirements.

Before the spin begins, you must place your bet anywhere between 1 and 9 bets per spin. In each round the maximum bet you can place is a million and the minimum is a thousand.

Bet options of each number (1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40) you must choose to start your bet. The number chosen is of course in the mega wheel segment. After placing a bet on the number of your choice, just wait for the wheel to land on one of the segments.

In general, in this game, the more often a number appears on the wheel, the less value to win. The higher your bet, the smaller the number that appears on the board. It is clear from the 54 wheel segments that appear frequently.

Number 1 has 20 in the wheel segment, the payout is 1:1
Number 2 is 13 in the wheel segment, the payout is 2:1
Number 5 has 7 in the wheel segment, the payout is 5:1
Number 8 has 4 in the wheel segment, the payout is 8:1
Number 10 has 4 in the wheel segment, the payout is 10:1
Number 15 has 2 in the wheel segment, the payout is 15:1
The number 20 is 2 in the wheel segment, the payout is 20:1
The number 30 is 1 in the wheel segment, the payout is 30:1
The number 40 is 1 in the wheel segment, the payout is 40:1

Special features
Mega Multiplier pragmatic play is the special feature behind the mega wheel. What sets this feature apart is the multiplier, with which you can earn several times your stake. If you are lucky and bet on number 1 pays 100x, number 2 pays 200x, number 5, 8, 10 pays 250x, number 15, 20, 30, 40 the payout is 500x. You can get double if you are lucky.

Besides that, you can also make settings in this game. Settings like you change the language, reduce or increase the sound, live streaming, and many other settings. In the chat facility you can not only interact with players from the same country but you can also interact with players from different countries.

To play this pragmatic play live casino game, you can use a laptop, computer or mobile phone. Because now technology is very advanced, so you can play mega wheel games anywhere and anytime.