As we know all gambling has become a common thing and it’s no wonder if it has become a descendant that has been passed down from the past until now, As is the case in family life, for example, from parents who like to play gambling, they can even pass down their hobbies to others. his son. even though gambling has a side that has a bad impact later. Gambling is only to relieve boredom and some people are heavy gambling addicts who are willing to sell their property just to play gambling.

Parents who like to play gambling inadvertently also set an example for their children to be curious about what their parents are playing. It started as a fad trying to play until it became a prolonged hobby.

By following in the footsteps of his parents to invite his friends to play gambling at his home or at a place, which begins with betting a small nominal until it eventually rises to a large nominal, Gambling live casino88 has its own satisfaction when we can win and beat our opponents, but without us consciously will cause a sense of revenge or dissatisfaction for the loser.

That feeling of revenge or dissatisfaction makes us think we want to continue to reverse our losing capital or turn it into a win, that’s what is called the bad impact of playing gambling, but for a gambler it’s nothing new but a common thing in the world. in gambling games, that is why it makes them prefer gambling because there is a sense of challenge and excitement that is felt by a gambler.

In gambling games there are many kinds of games as they are known at this time which are popular and widely played by gambling lovers, namely Online Gambling, for this online gambling, gambling players are required to play online via mobile phones, laptops or computers to connect via the internet network in their respective areas. – respectively.

There is a story from a group of senior gamblers saying that online gambling cannot break the spirits of ordinary gamblers who are played with cards and face to face, most people say that ordinary gambling is still more fun than online gambling, it is only natural that some of the opinions we get from a group of players Gambling from older parents thinks that online gambling is more difficult to play, because in the past it was difficult for parents to read so they found it difficult to play online gambling.

In addition, to be able to play online gambling, you must have a bank account to register and create an ID, where in the past parents did not have a bank account and until now there are some parents who do not understand how to use a bank account and some do because of the possibility of being taught by their children, that is an obstacle for parents who want to play online gambling, the most complete and trusted online gambling site , because we know for ourselves that because of the gambling ban in Indonesia, many have turned secretly to playing online gambling, it is safer than secretly playing gambling. Cards at home or making bets at land bookies are very fatal, of course, if they are raided or picked up.

For now, many gamblers from young people prefer online gambling, especially online slot gambling games, many of them say it is easier to play and safe, especially now that internet banking is supported which makes it easier for them to make money transfer transactions, Therefore, many people claim that playing online gambling is safer than playing on land, because they only need a cellphone and an internet network to be able to play.