The largest card game in Asia that provides a variety of card games such as Online Poker, 3 Kings (Sakong/Samgong), Big2 (Capsa Banting), Domino+ (Ceme Keliling), Domino 2K (Bandar Ceme), Domino QQ), 13 Cards (Capsa Arrange), and Bandar Blackjack, all of which can be accessed via PC (Computer) and Mobile Android / IOS & can be played without downloading the Idn Poker Ceme Opportunity Poker Trick application first and of course very fun to play. daftar judi slot online

If you join the P2Play site you also have the opportunity to get Progressive and Global Jackpots worth hundreds of millions of rupiah on the P2Play Poker Gambling Site every day. The P2Play server faction says that the winning rate of the Progressive Jackpot they provide is very high, so the chance to get the Jackpot is very easy. This P2Play agen poker99qq site has been supported by a fair play system, namely PVP (Player versus Player) with anti-bot (robot) support which can prevent other players from cheating by using external software instead of P2Play. And another advantage is that you can create a room and lock the room by inviting your friends to play in this room.

Get to know the types of games with the Idn Poker Ceme Trick on the P2Play Site

1. Texas Poker

The well-known Texas Poker game is available on P2Play Poker139 servers. In the product, the character will be given two Hole Cards or commonly known as pocket cards which aim to make five card arrangements and the best calculations.

In the Idn Poker Trick product, Ceme will think according to the direction of clockwise motion, starting from the Dealer to the left. In general, the first two players closest to the Dealer will have the opportunity to place their small and large blinds to base the bet.

2. City of Blackjack

Blackjack products are certainly not something you are new to hearing. Almost all nations in Indonesia are very familiar with this game of blackjack and often played by people in Indonesia. The blackjack game is very easy to play and the rules are also incredibly simple and on the P2Play website there is a blackjack boss game with the latest pattern that is very exciting to play.

3. Domino+ (Ceme Keliling)

Domino + conventional people call it by the name of ceme around which is played using 2 domino slips. Where you can become a dealer in a circle / better known as Ceme Keliling / Owner of Q money. In this game there are 28 domino cards in each round of the game. The best and easiest way to remember the dominoes themselves is to group them into 7 series of card types.

4. Domino 2K (Bandar Ceme)

A product using two domino slips, where the winner is determined from the highest value of the card held or better known as Bandar Ceme or Tubruk Q.

5. Domino 4K (Domino Qiu Qiu)

A dish with 4 domino tickets, where the highest ticket value is 99 (qiu qiu) this game is commonly known as Domino QQ, Domino 99 and Qiu Qiu Online.

6. 3 Kings (Sakong/Samgong)

The dish with 3 playing slips commonly known to people is Sakong/Samgong.

7. 13 Cards (Capsa Susun)

13 Cards or commonly known as Capsa Untai also uses playing slips as playing instruments. Each player will be dealt 13 playing cards and the player must direct it into 3 strands. New row cards or the bottom must have a higher combination value than above.

8. BIG2 (Capsa Banting)

Big2 or capsa banting is the newest product on the P2Play site while using 13 playing slips. The winner in this game is determined by who is the first to spend the ticket in his hand.

Advantages of Playing Online Poker Betting on P2Play Servers

When playing online poker gambling on a trusted site, of course you have to download the game application first. Well, it’s unique with your P2Play server not for the sake of downloading the application again. After registering and filling in your deposit capital, you are ready to enter and play the game immediately.

  1. Among those that have been explained above that playing on a P2Play server is not for the sake of downloading the application again. You can immediately play using the computer / smartphone you have.
  2. P2Play already uses a system that is currently playing, namely PVP (Player versus Player) with the spirit of a bot (robot) resistance tool which can prevent unique players from lying by using new software from P2Play.
  3. There are many tournament events with various very attractive prizes that you can have when playing on trusted P2Play websites.

Those are some of the reasons why you should switch to online poker gambling on P2Play servers. If you have tried playing it on the P2Play server, then you will feel how cool it is to play online poker gambling on the HKB Gaming server.


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