Does your poker game feel stuck? Have you ever played in the same low and medium stakes games for what seemed like forever, but now feel that your ever-achieving goal of playing IDN Poker was just a dream? Do you feel like your love of the game keeps you playing, but it’s ultimately pointless?

Feeling trapped is a problem that plagues many aspiring Poker139 professionals, and how you choose to handle it can make or break your poker game.

Over the next ten years, Doug chose to rededicate himself to the game he loved. His renewed commitment to improvement helped him rise and become one of the most successful domino 99 players of today. For him, this post marked the turning point of his journey.

So how can you change your poker journey?

1. Work To Improve Your Game Every Day

You should always be looking for ways to improve your game. I’ve met a number of players who feel confident enough about their skills to stop learning poker strategy altogether – they think it’s just a matter of grinding up the volume until the wins roll in.

This line of thinking is wrong. Poker is not a settled game; not even a computer understands it. No player in this world has really learned everything they need to know about poker idn tips. daftar sbobet bola

2. Take Bankroll Management Seriously

In a game where you need money to make money, destroying your entire bankroll is a total disaster. You must remain responsible and smart in terms of bankroll management.

Poker is a game of variance, so you have to play at a limit where your money – and your emotions – can handle the changes. In particular.

  • Cash game players should have around 50 buy-ins for their game of choice
  • Tournament players should have 250-500 of their buy-in average
  • This is an estimate — the exact amount of money varies based on the particular game you play.
  • The higher the game variant of your choice, the more purchases you will need (for example, you need more than 500 buy-ins for a tournament).

3. Work hard away from the desk

You have to work really hard to get to the top of the poker world.

For the truly committed, this means playing, learning, watching, talking, living and breathing poker. This is Doug’s way of dedicating himself to achieving his dreams, and you should do the same if you are serious about the future in this game.

Strategy to Play Poker So as Not to Be Trapped

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is a great way to improve yourself, and to help others become better too.

If you play live poker, try to be friendly with some of the other regulars. Talk about hands, and bounce ideas off each other, but make sure you do so away from the table where your opponents can’t hear them!

If you are an online player, consider joining a study group with players who are at your skill level. Doug swears by Skype study groups, as they were the primary source of many of his poker revelations.

Almost everyone would rather play a game of poker than learn, but doing the latter will make the former a much more rewarding and enjoyable experience. After learning new concepts and applying them effectively at the poker table, you will feel much more confident with your game.

4. Keep your head straight

The decline can feel endless. Lost weeks can turn into lost months, and potentially years. Before long, you can barely remember what it was like to order a win.

You have to learn to sort out these downswings if you want to survive in poker. It’s much harder for your best poker when a big losing session weighs on your mind.

Instead of dwelling on the past, focus on the present and make good strategic decisions that you can be proud of. There’s no reason to beat yourself up when you actually made a good decision, even if in the end the balance didn’t go your way.

Stay strong, stay positive and it’s only a matter of time before you get back on your feet.

5. Focus On One Type Of Game

It can be tempting for a poker tournament player to jump into a high stakes cash game to try to break free, just as it is tempting a cash game Poker139 player to fire multiple tournaments on Sundays. This is great if you are a successful and confident player, but struggling players should stay focused on the type of game they choose.

Most players who find great success in poker focus on one type of game. Consider these guys, all of whom are considered the best at their type of game.

  • Doug Polk: Focusing on the introduction. In the end, not a single player in this world would face him.
  • OtB_RedBaron: Focused on 6-max cash games and consistently posted the biggest years of all 6-max players.
  • Phil Hellmuth: Plays the WSOP and similar made-for-television shows almost exclusively. The results speak for themselves.

If you demonstrate the drive to success like Doug did, you could very well win all the WSOP bracelets within a few years.