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Mega Wheel Pragmatic Play Basic Guide

Mega wheel is a new game in live casino made with pragmatic play. This game was only released in September 2020 in pragmatic play and with the release of this game also adds to the choice of games.

The game is centered on a large wheel and has 54 segments (slices). Each segment on the wheel has one of the following numbers 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40. The bet on this game is also a minimum of a thousand and a maximum; The stake is one million. The total time given to you to place a bet is 15 seconds, this time is considered sufficient.

Game pragmatic play states that the inspiration for this game daftar slot osg777 is the wheel of money or big 6. From the point of view that can be seen, this game is very interesting because it is a wheel of fortune. Why is it called luck? because this game is done by rotating and has a bright color.

The one turning the wheel is the game host, and there’s also the facility to chat while the game is in progress.

How to Play Mega Wheel Pragmatic Play
The presenters in this game have been specially trained in carrying out their duties, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. Games also take place in professional casino studios where the venue meets the requirements.

Before the spin begins, you must place your bet anywhere between 1 and 9 bets per spin. In each round the maximum bet you can place is a million and the minimum is a thousand.

Bet options of each number (1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40) you must choose to start your bet. The number chosen is of course in the mega wheel segment. After placing a bet on the number of your choice, just wait for the wheel to land on one of the segments.

In general, in this game, the more often a number appears on the wheel, the less value to win. The higher your bet, the smaller the number that appears on the board. It is clear from the 54 wheel segments that appear frequently.

Number 1 has 20 in the wheel segment, the payout is 1:1
Number 2 is 13 in the wheel segment, the payout is 2:1
Number 5 has 7 in the wheel segment, the payout is 5:1
Number 8 has 4 in the wheel segment, the payout is 8:1
Number 10 has 4 in the wheel segment, the payout is 10:1
Number 15 has 2 in the wheel segment, the payout is 15:1
The number 20 is 2 in the wheel segment, the payout is 20:1
The number 30 is 1 in the wheel segment, the payout is 30:1
The number 40 is 1 in the wheel segment, the payout is 40:1

Special features
Mega Multiplier pragmatic play is the special feature behind the mega wheel. What sets this feature apart is the multiplier, with which you can earn several times your stake. If you are lucky and bet on number 1 pays 100x, number 2 pays 200x, number 5, 8, 10 pays 250x, number 15, 20, 30, 40 the payout is 500x. You can get double if you are lucky.

Besides that, you can also make settings in this game. Settings like you change the language, reduce or increase the sound, live streaming, and many other settings. In the chat facility you can not only interact with players from the same country but you can also interact with players from different countries.

To play this pragmatic play live casino game, you can use a laptop, computer or mobile phone. Because now technology is very advanced, so you can play mega wheel games anywhere and anytime.

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Tips for Playing Online Casino Gambling Win Big

For lovers of online gambling, you must be familiar with this online casino gambling game. For decades, this online casino gambling game has been in great demand and played by online casino gambling lovers around the world. So don’t be surprised if there are currently a lot of online gambling sites that present various providers of exciting Live casino games and games that provide this challenge.

In addition to providing fun, this live casino game also has several types of popular casino games such as Baccarat, Sicbo dice, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, fantan and others, so players don’t feel bored in choosing several types of online casino gambling games and there is a winning win. must be won. Which may be one of the most important attractions in playing live casino games.

The Best Way to Play Online Casino Gambling Easy to Win
Why is that, it is clear from this live casino game slot99 online that it allows anyone who can get a big win even in a short time, because in every online casino game it doesn’t take a long time to wait for the results of the bet. that’s what makes people get the maximum benefit. of every round of this live casino game.

This is a game that has its own challenges, so whether you are a beginner or a professional, make sure you understand some of the best tips below and how to handle them well, so that you can maintain the chances that you have to feel big wins at online casinos.

• Choose a Trusted Online Gambling Site
To be able to get a big win, of course, you can only feel it on a trusted online casino gambling site that has been proven to have a good reputation, therefore you must understand it very well and avoid playing on unclear online gambling sites that can make you lose. where will there be the big win? on the game but not even paid. so it is advisable to play on an online gambling site that has a good reputation and can provide you with a comfortable and safe game.

• Prepare sufficient capital
In order to play casino gambling smoothly, safely, comfortably and easily, you must be able to prepare sufficient capital before starting the game. By having a very sufficient capital, of course you can play freely and can determine how many bets you will bet.

On the one hand, if you play with limited capital and when you have enough, you can be immediately overwhelmed and unable to balance the city at the betting table, the chances of winning can be lost.

• Choose a suitable game
Live casinos present several types of exciting games as mentioned above and all of you can freely choose what games you want to play. With that, it is very important for you to be able to choose live casino games that you understand and are suitable for you to play.

If you choose a game that is very suitable for you, then of course it will make you feel comfortable and satisfied to play. So this can also make the opportunity to win wide open.

• Prepare mentally and have high determination
At the online casino betting table , of course, it will take you as a player to the city, of course you have to prepare mentally well when dealing at the betting table and plan with careful preparation and high determination to get big wins in these bets. Because that way, you will develop a high sense of self-confidence to beat the city.

• Wise attitude in placing bets
Playing with big bets can certainly give big wins too, of course. But on the other hand, by betting big, the risk of experiencing big losses is also the same. For that you have to be wise in determining the amount of bets and be able to control yourself by doing the right way in managing when playing in online casino games later. With it, you can reduce the risk of defeat and increase the chance of victory.

• Patience and good emotional control
As is known, almost every online gambling game requires calm in playing, let alone playing in online casino gambling games that require strategy and expertise. So what you have to know is that you have to create a high level of patience and be able to control emotions very well.

Avoid things that make you emotional at the betting table. Whether it’s in a losing position or something else that can make you emotional and sad until you make a mistake later.

• Start playing and win big in online casino games
In live casino games, there are 4 types of trusted online casino gambling games that are very popular and provide very exciting and interesting challenges to try. Of course, for those of you who want to win big in live casino games, immediately look for online gambling sites that provide popular online casino games, register an account and play live casino games that are suitable for you to play.

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Online casino games are games that are often played comfortably and can give us big profits. Casino has a large selection of games that you can play, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Sicbo, Slot Games, Dragon Tiger, Fantan. Well, so you can choose what game you want to play so that you can benefit by playing online casino gambling .

Online Live Casino games are widely available in all online casino gambling sites playslot1628. but you should play at the most trusted Online Casino Agent, because then you will be given the convenience and convenience to win online casino games. Playing online gambling with its convenience, you can predict how much value will be issued so that you get more chances to win.

Here I will explain about the game of baccarat. Indeed there are casino games that win and there are also those who lose, but we must not just give up on luck, if we can just give up without needing and praying, those are all very extraordinary elements.

Below is an explanation of online casino baccarat.
Bacarat is a specific game, you can only choose the banker or the player, the average person prefers to bet on the order of players where if you win you are paid in full, but if you bet on the banker and win then 5 is deducted ? From the total value of the bets you make in the game of baccarat, you can read which cards can go out of style to read which card values ​​are greater that will come out can be seen from the initial statistics of the game.

In Casino Games play calmly, because gambling should not be played with emotional & warm tricks, if you play with high emotions you will lose because doing something in a hurry is not good. It’s better if you play casually and calmly so that you get a bigger chance.

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How to Play Casino Online Deposit 10k

The online casino segment is growing rapidly with some people turning to the traditional brick and mortar journey to the comfort of their homes to play their games. While the rules of each game are usually the same, playing online is different from playing at a land-based casino and you may have to change your strategy.

Online casinos offer a selection of several hundred games in one place, which can entice you to try your luck at more than one game per gambling session. Online casino games are also easy to play you just need to click a few buttons and you are in!

Take care of yourself by ensuring an online gambling budget. Knowing how to budget when playing online will help you stay within your limits.

Make sure your capital before playing online casino
The best way to avoid spending more than you can afford to lose is to make sure you have a clear budget before you start playing. This will give you limits that will help you keep track of what you spend on casino games slot88 online. The amount of money you decide when setting a budget is entirely up to you. You should make a rough estimate of the amount of money you are ready to share if you lose everything in the worst case scenario.

You may find that you win with your budget (we want you to) but it is important to understand that you can lose everything. Budgeting ahead of time playing online allows you to play safely and confidently – knowing that you are within your limits. Submit your budget to your online casino lottery account and start playing!

Different Capital for Different Games
If you have some experience playing slots, you will find that often some players prefer their own games over others. Online casinos are no different. The types of games available online mean players can try several of them and identify their favorite which is usually their best game.

So it makes sense to ensure a higher amount of money in the game which makes them feel more confident while playing. When creating a budget, you should consider which games you are best at, so that you can place higher stakes, and which ones are riskier. Budgeting with this step will increase your profit strength and reduce your loss power.

Can’t be tempted by other players’ capital
When you play online casino games, you may see other players setting a higher (or possibly lower) budget than you on some games. Don’t let this throw away your initial budget idea. Every player will have a very old financial situation and other abilities when it comes to online casino games , so it is understandable that the budget will be different.

You have to understand that some players may not even set a budget and may spend money without a real idea. For this reason, changing your own budget to match the budgets of other players can get you into trouble. It is always best to stick to the original budget you created at the start of a gambling session so that you can keep track of what you are spending. So if you see someone being a big winner over a bigger bet, chances are they have lost on a large scale for the first time in the past. Think smart.

Get ready to lose
When you are making a gambling budget, you should always keep the power of loss in mind. Until if you play a game that has been successful in the past or if you experience consecutive wins. Slot machines are subject to change at any time. The amount of money you decide to put in your budget can be lost very quickly while playing online and you need to be prepared for this.

Before you start playing, you should ask yourself, “If I lose all this money, will my life be negatively affected?”. If the answer is yes, then you should consider lowering your gambling budget. Online casino gambling will have an edge over the house edge. Keep this in mind, but don’t let things like that stop you from having fun!

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Play Roulette Gambling Online On Android Phones

Casino games are games that have a lot of fans to this day that are played by many bettors who like to gamble such as roulette. In the past, to play casino gambling, you had to go abroad to play the game.

Because in Indonesia it is strictly forbidden to play gambling. Therefore, with the development of technology in Indonesia, now casino games no longer need to bother going abroad to be able to play this casino gambling game. Because now you can play live casino using an Android phone.

Looking for an Opportunity to Win Playing Online Roulette Gambling
1. Before betting into the game, it’s a good idea for bettors to pay attention to the turntable roulette that will be played by the dealer. By observing before playing, bettors must be able to read which numbers or parts have a high chance of winning bettors. So make sure before betting, pay close attention to the table that will be played and don’t forget to use online roulette gambling tricks.

2. Doing a lot of practice also needs to be done by bettors, so they can read which numbers have more percentages to come out. Currently, there are lots of roulette gambling games slot online that bettors can play easily via an Android phone or online without having to spend a budget. So in this game, bettors can try to play and learn to find the right playing atmosphere to get big profits.

3. Choose the best European online roulette over American roulette. Of course, bettors who like roulette games know that the American roulette gambling game has an additional 1 slot number, i.e. 00. So with this addition, of course, reducing the bettors’ winnings when playing and betting. Unlike the European roulette gambling game which only has 37 numbers.

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Interesting Facts About Playing Roulette Online
Before you decide to play this game, it is good to know some interesting facts about this type of online casino game . Maybe you already understand how to play roulette but it would be good to know all the facts contained in this roulette game.

1. The meaning of the name roulette itself is actually a small wheel, besides that online roulette also has other names in various countries where roulette is often referred to as the king of the casino game “The king casino”.

2. Another unique fact is, roulette is often referred to as the devil’s game. This is because the numbers in this game if added up will reach the number 66 which is considered the devil’s number.

3. The beginning of the roulette game was actually inspired by a very popular game in England in the 17th century, namely roly poly, after many players were bored with the game, then roulette appeared as a new version of roly poly, namely with the same game system, only This game is also often referred to as the game revolution from roly poly.

4. Roulette has several versions that can be found in every country, for example California which plays roulette using cards instead of slot machines.

5. 47% of roulette players are women. Games that can be found in every country are even played not only by men, even women of various ages also play this one game.

6. One of the most interesting facts about this roulette game is that this game can already be played via the internet and accessed as an online gambling. Roulette lovers no longer need to bother going to the casino to play this game, because roulette can already be played online.

7. The capital required is very affordable. One of the reasons why this game is so popular is because the capital required is very affordable.

8. Easy to win and very easy to play is also the reason why online roulette is in great demand.

9. Weekly bonuses that can be obtained by every online roulette player, from online gambling sites that are used as agents.

Those are interesting facts about online roulette games, hopefully this article can add to your information about roulette games.

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A Guide to Playing True Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular and widely known casino game by gamblers and can be said to be the favorite gambling of many players. If you ask what casino gambling game is very profitable for players, then the answer is blackjack. Casinos always have variations of the game that have a higher winning percentage than the bookie but not blackjack. This gambling game is the only game that has a balanced winning percentage between the dealer and the player.

Playing Blackjack Gambling at Slot189
In blackjack you play against the dealer and you don’t have to worry about other players’ cards. This bet is also known as the twenty-one (21) bet because the object of the game situs judi online is to get a score of 21 as the highest value in this bet. To understand the concept of calculating card values, pay attention to the explanation below:

Cards 2, 3, 4 and so on until 10 are cards whose value matches the value of the card. For example, if you get cards 6 and 10, then the total value of your cards is 16
Cards with images such as Jack, Queen, and King count as 10. For example, if you have a jack and a queen, your card’s value is 20.
Aces can be counted as 1 or 11 depending on the conditions demanded by the player holding this card and what value is in the player’s favor. For example, if you have an ace and a 10 then the total value of your card is 21, which in this scenario counts as 11 because it is more profitable and automatically assigns a value of 21 to the cardholder.
In the blackjack gambling game there are several terms of victory that can be achieved by both the player and the dealer with the following description:

Players can win by having a card value greater than the dealer without passing the value 21. For example, the dealer’s card is 18 and your card is 19 then you win from the dealer
Players can win if the dealer has a card whose value is more than 21. For example your card is worth 17 and the dealer’s card value is 22 (more than 21) then you win
You immediately win if the first 2 cards received immediately get a value of 21 or also known as natural blackjack. Examples of 2 cards that can immediately become 21 are Ace with 10 cards or jacks or queens or kings
The dealer can win from the player if he has a card whose value is greater than the player as long as it is not more than 21
Dealer wins if player score is more than 21
At the start of the game, both the dealer and the player will get two cards. After seeing the cards the player can decide on 2 basic choices, namely hit or stand. The stand option means you already have the card value you want and you don’t want to add another card. While the hit option means you are not satisfied with the value of your card and want to add 1 more card and so on. Suppose you get an ace and an 8 with this position your card value is 19 and it is better to choose the stand option because if you add 1 more card your card value is likely to exceed 21 and make you lose.

On another occasion if you get cards 5 and 10 then your card value is 15 then you can try your luck with a pick hit in the hope that you don’t get a card bigger than 6 except for ace because aces can be counted as 1 so that you don’t pass the value 21 Those are the rules and how to play basic blackjack gambling that you can learn and hopefully provide an adequate understanding for you.

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