IDN LIVE Gambling Game which you can access using Android and IOS to play Online Gambling. And on this occasion, we will briefly summarize the online gambling game launched by IDNLIVE, namely Shio Fight. Maybe for those of you who often play online gambling from IDNLIVE, you must already know about this game.

IDN LIVE is one of the providers that has provided a very unique Online Gambling game, and in the media in this IDNLIVE game also has a variety as well, as some use (Balls, Dice, Cards, Up to Pictures).

Maybe for you, this IDN LIVE game looks and sounds foreign to some online gambling players, especially those who are still beginners. Even though IDN LIVE sounds and looks foreign, the game is very exciting and fun, so you must try this game.

Trusted IDNLIVE Shio Fight Gambling Agent
Do you know what the Shio Fight Gambling game is slot? And what kind of gameplay has IDN LIVE launched? If you don’t know it, you don’t need to worry, because we will discuss the Shio Fight IDN LIVE Gambling in this article, so it can be for you, online gambling players to become knowledge.

Shio Fight Gambling is a gambling game that comes from the IDNLIVE provider and uses cards as a medium in this IDN LIVE Shio Gambling game. Which is similar to the Online Poker Gambling game, but the picture is not As to King, but the Chinese zodiac.

The word in Shio Fight itself has meaning in the Chinese zodiac and fight is a fight. So it can be interpreted as a zodiac battle. In the card he uses there are 12 pictures of animals, namely:

Rat (1:5)
Dragon (1:7.5)
Kuda (1:1,1)
Ular (1:9)
Monkey (1:19)
Chicken (1:29)
Pig (1:54)
Dog (1:54)
Rabbit (1:6.5)
Kerbau (1: 5)
Tiger (1:5.5)
Goat (1:14)
The animal picture above, has its own rating and payment value. Starting from the lowest rank to the highest rank is an animal (rat) and the last is (pig).

For how to play shio fight idnlive gambling it is very easy, you only need to choose the type of bet that has been provided, later on for the winning result, the value of the highest ranking will come out the winner.

So that you can understand more clearly about this Shio Fight Gambling game, just follow the following reviews below which we have summarized for you and are easy for you to understand.

How to Play Shio Fight Gambling IDNLIVE
Basically, the shio fight idnlive gambling game is simple, because it has a concept like guesswork. This idnlive Shio Gambling game uses 8 cards collected and for 1 zodiac (a place to put cards).

Before the Shio Fight IDNLIVE game starts, the dealer will discard 2 cards first, after which the dealer will give you time to place a bet. And the stakes are:

Tian/Bumi (1: 1)
On/Earth (1: 1)
Tie / Seri (1: 9.5)
Rank Bet (from rat to pig)
Later on the type of bet is on the table, you just have to click on the one you want to choose to bet on which type. For the nominal in betting also varies, you can adjust it according to your own wishes, namely:

1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, 500,000, 1M, 5M, 10M, and 25M.
That’s our summary, about how to play the IDNLIVE shio fight gambling and with this article, I hope that IDNLIVE players can make big profits in it.

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