Are you looking for a good Texas Holdem strategy guide to help you win more money playing Holdem every night? You’ve probably seen a Holdem pack called “Texas Holdem Secrets Exposed” by Phillip D., who claims to be a poker pro, and you’re looking for someone who has purchased this guide before to give you a review. Well, I have purchased the ebook, and in this article I aim to give you a preview of the material and my experience with it.

Texas Holdem Secrets Exposed to Main Content

This guide was written by Philip D, a researcher in poker and poker player development. He makes a living with Texas Holdem poker online. In addition to the complete ebook, it also comes with 6 audio CDs, which you can choose to download instantly after you order. Also, there is one online instructional video of Philip D. winning a no-limit Texas Holdem game, using the strategies he outlines in the ebook and audio.

Texas Holdem Secrets Exposed is focused on short Sit N Go tournaments and heads-ups. It is suitable for poker players of all levels. The ebook covers 2 great poker systems that can be used with bankrolls as small as $50. The book also contains 25 Texas Holdem strategies, and after testing them personally, they all made money for me. Both systems have been tested to win 81% of the time in the long run. Finally, learn which starting cards to play, and which starting cards you should discard.

Texas Holdem Secrets Exposing Bonus

In addition to the main package, I feel the bonuses are also very valuable. I picked up the poker chip trick within hours of reading the first bonus. There is also information about the best poker rooms available, so you can save time researching and reading around the forums. You’ll also learn about the most common mistakes all Holdem players make at some point, and how to fix them quickly. Lastly, a 30-minute personal consultation with Philip D. on the phone is also included.

My experience

After going through all the material in the ebook and using the 2 systems in it, it definitely increased my bankroll. I’ve also learned which hands I should play according to my table position, and good pre-flop strategies to increase my chances of getting a better hand. My bluffing skills have also gotten much better, and know when is the best time to fold. Your ability to read the “tell” that your opponent gives you will also improve greatly.

In conclusion, I will say that Texas Holdem Secrets Exposed is very helpful and provides a lot of useful information. In terms of value though, I feel $97 might be priced a bit too high, as I’ve purchased much more robust poker material for the same price.