There are still many novice players who are not precise in determining the amount of the bet (bet) when they want to add a bet (raise or reraise). If you can’t determine the right number of bets, then you will find many gaps or holes in your game. By determining the right bet, you will be able to maximize profits and minimize losses. You can also put your opponent in a difficult position to play daftar domino online (call) when they have a good card combination that has not yet been made (drawing hands), for example straight or flush but still lacking 1 card or 1 flower.

How to determine the correct bet amount?

Before you bet or raise, you must always pay attention to the amount of money that has been collected in the middle (pot). Because the number of pots is the basis for determining the calculation of the bet or raise that you will do, and also the basis for consideration for your opponent to call or raise. When the opponent calls with a small chance of winning, we benefit from it.

When you think that the card you hold is better than the opponent’s card, you should bet or raise approximately 3/4 of the total middle amount (pot). So, suppose the amount of money in the middle is 10,000, then you should raise around 7500.

Why do we have to make big bets? The main goal is to put the opposing Poker139 player in a position that is difficult to call, and when he calls they have a small chance of winning. If you make a small bet, you give them the opportunity to see the next card with a small bet, this is a disadvantage. Because if they get a good card, that can finally beat you. When is it time to make a small bet? Small bets are made if you hold the best combination of cards and the opposing player will not dare to call if you make a big bet. In other words, our goal is to lure the opponent to participate in the bet or raise that we do. daftar judi slot online

The advantage of making a big bet compared to a small bet.

With a large bet you will get useful information, because if your opponent dares to call, it means they have a pretty good card or a drawing hand. From the information you get, you can calculate the probability of what cards the opposing player is holding. If you make a small bet, it is likely that the opposing player will call with any card, so it does not provide additional information to you. In addition, with a large bet you will also get a big advantage when you hold a good card.

Often novice players make the wrong number of bets, they make a small or minimum bet/raise before the flop (pre-flop). As I explained above, by making a minimum bet you will not get any information, and the possibility of opposing players calling and getting good cards will be greater. A good bet amount for pre-flop is 3x or 4x of the big blind, if the opponent calls it means he probably holds a pretty good card.

Start paying attention and learn how to determine the right bet amount. Every time you make a bet or raise, always pay attention to the amount of pot money that has been collected. By making small bets or playing passively, you open up opportunities for opposing Poker139 players who hold bad cards to see the next card, which in the end might beat your good cards.