Tutorial Guide to Playing 1×2 Football Betting on Sbobet

In this discussion, I will try to explain how to install with accurate tricks to play online soccer betting bets on Sbobet specifically for the 1×2 type. Playing soccer betting online is indeed very fun and profitable, especially with the team that we installed won the match, in which the account balance will increase in the soccer account.

One of the many types of soccer betting that has become the prima donna is, 1 × 2, so for those of you who are used to and are not strange with betting on online soccer, of course what I will share is something that is very easy to understand and understand. However daftar sbobet indonesia, for those of you who are still new to being called Layman, you don’t understand the meaning of this 1×2 bet. So continue to follow the online soccer gambling article that has shared, to find out what a 1×2 bet is.

1×2 Football Betting is a type of online gambling bet where you will be given three choices in guessing the numbers from the football match that will compete. The three choices are, the away team wins, the home team wins and Draw. You can do this type of 1×2 in the first half (45 minutes) and until the second half ends (90) minutes, but it depends on your decision in observing a market that online soccer betting on Sbobet provides.
1 = Host Win ( Home Win)
X / Draw = Draw (Draw)
2 = Away Team Wins (Home Amay)

In 1×2 soccer betting, you are required to choose one of the three options given by Sbobet or Ibcbet with different Odds or Kei values. The bigger the chance to win from the team that you previously championed, the smaller the odds will be. Vice versa, the narrower the team’s chance to win, the greater the Odds Value in the online ball market given by Sbobet or Ibcebt.

Here I will give you a way to place a 1×2 type of soccer bet, by playing using accurate 1×2 tricks at Sbobet and Maxbet Official Agents and others.

Based on the sample image above, we will place a soccer bet on the type of 1×2 for the match between Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain with 90 minutes full time. Our choice is Home Win (Host Chelsea Win) with an installation value of Rp. 500,000,- Thousand. The description of the match is as follows.

Pick 1 || Home Win ( Chelsea Odds #2.12 )
Pick 2 || Amay Wins Paris Saint Germain (Odds , #3.70)
Choose X || Draw Game ( Odds, #3.25 )

From the 1×2 Soccer Betting Formula || Odds -1 x The Bet Value Will ( Subtract 1, and Multiply By The Bet Amount. )

Chelsea #2.12 Bet Value Rp. 500.- Thousand
2.12 -1 x 500 thousand = Rp. 560.- thousand (Winning Bonus is 60 thousand because the Odds value is quite high)

If Chelsea in the match loses or the final score is a draw, then you will lose the amount of your first installation, which is Rp. 500.- thousand.

What if we place a 1×2 ball bet for (Away Win’) or “Draw”??. We are still using an odds formula mentioned above (Odds – 1 x Bet Value). This is very easy to play, coupled with knowledge of how to calculate wins, so you will be able to correctly find out the total that you will get in a 1×2 ball betting game.

Maybe that’s all about the Guide to Playing 1×2 Football Betting on Sbobet that I can convey for you to know, hopefully what has been conveyed above can be petrified and make it easier for you. Finally, I say so and thank you.