Understanding, Function, Use, Meaning and Calculation of Football Betting Odds That Must Be Understood

Goal Indonesia News – The meaning, function, use, meaning and calculation of soccer betting odds are really needed by people who are just about to enter the World of Betting by feeling the pleasure of the sensation of betting that makes your adrenaline go up.

The league start will resume shortly after the 2017/2018 league season. This early 2018/2019 pre-season league will roll out, of course, with the composition of the players, which on average have changed a lot, starting from the management, the coach to the players. This perceived condition has indirectly helped revive the enthusiasm of soccer gambling fans to not miss looking for fortune from one of the most popular gambling games today.

For those who are experienced and have been playing for a long time, of course, they certainly don’t need to bother with terms or calculations that apply in this game. But what about sbobet alternative link players who are just getting interested in starting to play. This time, as the crew of BeritaGoalIndonesia, I will give a little summary of what is currently interesting, namely about the meaning, function, use, meaning and calculation of football betting odds.

In the soccer gambling game, it is recognized that there are several special terms and calculations. But no need to worry, because the terms or calculations in this game are actually not as complicated as imagined. Take a look at the summary reviews we have quoted from some trusted Soccer Services information.

News Goal Indonesia – Definition, function, use, meaning and calculation of soccer betting odds
In this article, we will discuss in detail the meaning, definition, meaning and calculation of odds on soccer betting. Understanding the definition of Odds is really very important, because it relates to the calculation of the income we will receive from the nominal bet we place.


1. Definition of Odds in Ball Betting
Odds in soccer betting can be interpreted as a barometer or measuring tool to find out the strength of the judi slot bonus terbesar team that will compete. Usually, the higher the Odds value given to a team, the more seeded.

However, what must be underlined is that the superiority value is only limited to ancer-ancer or a prediction, because no one knows for sure what the final result of the match will be. But this is where we can get a gap to win the bet.

In soccer betting, the term Odds is also known as “Kei”, and is usually marked with a + (plus) and – (minus) sign. It’s easier, please pay attention to the picture and explanation below.

– The red box in the first row from the left is the Odds for HDP or Handicap.

– Meanwhile, the red box in the second row is the Odds for Over / Under and 1 × 2 games.

– Meanwhile, the red box in the third row is the Odds for Odds / Even games.

2. Difference between odds and handicaps
From the example image listed above, at first glance the appearance of the Odds and Handicaps in the betting chart looks the same. However, the two are clearly not the same and even very different in function and use.

Odds is the coefficient value given to the two teams that will compete by marking the values ​​+ (plus) and – (minus), and depending on the type that is adjusted to the Handicap market. Simply put, Handicap is a match market, while Odds is the money value of the match market itself.

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3. Types in Ball Betting
In the world of betting balls, there are many different types of odds. For example, Fractional Odds, Decimal Odds, America Odds, Asian Odds and so on. Of the types, Odds have their respective calculations that are different from one another.

But in our opinion, it doesn’t seem important to be too deep in understanding the differences between these types of odds. For players to know that Odds + (plus) and – (minus) is enough, because those odds are the most frequently used in soccer betting.

4. Uses and How to Calculate Odds in Ball Betting
Yes, the odds themselves actually have almost no special use or benefit for the player. Why is that? The function or use of Odds for players is actually just to find out the money value of one of the teams that we will place a bet on.

Example of the calculation of soccer betting odds

For simplicity, please see the picture that we show above. There is one box that we marked with a red line in the match between Lazio and Juventus.

In this match, Juventus gave a 0-0.5 voor to Lazio, meaning Lazio had scored 0-0.5 or 1/4 goals before the match started. The odds for those who chose Lazio were (1.06) marked in black, while those who chose Juventus Odds were (-1.13) in red.

This means that if we bet on Lazio and win, then we will get more wins than our original bet. For example, the final result of the match is 2-0 for Lazio with a stake of Rp. 100 thousand, then the calculation is 100,000 x 1.06.

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So the total winnings we get is Rp. 106 thousand, but if Lazio loses, then we will only lose our initial stake, which is Rp. 100 thousand.

Conversely, if we bet on Juventus whose Odds is marked in red and are lucky to win, then the winnings we get are only the money we bet, but if we lose, then we will be charged an additional fee from the Odds value.

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For example, if we put in Rp100 thousand for Juventus, and the match ends with a score of 0-1 for Juventus’ victory, then the value of the win that we will get is Rp. 100,000. Conversely, if we lose, the calculation is IDR 100,000 x -1.13. So we have to pay Rp. 113 thousand rupiah.

The conclusion of the meaning, function, use, meaning and calculation of soccer betting odds is that the odds are only limited to indicators or measuring tools to find out which team is superior or not. The odds themselves always move up and down. Our advice is to be smart to refrain by paying attention to the movement of the odds when betting.

Thus the article above about “Definition, function, use, meaning and calculation of football betting odds” hopefully it can add insight to readers from young people to Barcelona fans in Indonesia. That’s all and thank you for visiting and reading.