To win blackjack consistently, you need more than an understanding of the rules of blackjack, you need a black strategy that will show you how to dominate the house on a regular basis. Without the right blackjack strategy, you will be setting yourself up for disaster. To beat casino after casino consistently, you need to have a blackjack cheat sheet. The blackjack sheet will show you your wins for HIT, STAND, DOUBLE DOWN, etc… based on what the dealer shows you and the value in your hand. If you don’t know the rules of black jack, it’s very simple.

The basic blackjack strategy and rule to follow is to get yourself as close to 21 years of age as possible without breaking or beating and beating the dealer . The dealer has a natural advantage over other players at the blackjack table because they can see if you are a BUTS player or not. If you break the house it automatically wins and you lose. This is the worst feeling in the world of crushing and letting the dealer win the game without them having to take another card!

If you’re following a good blackjack system, there should be no reason why you’re busting so often. There is a blackjack cheat sheet for these types of situations where it can be used as a grip, support, or stroke. If you follow these simple black jack rules, you should have no reason to make a steady income playing blackjack online or in person.

Before you dive into playing online blackjack or live casino blackjack, you need to play free blackjack. You can find free blackjack anywhere you turn on the internet. A simple Google search will find many free casino sites for you to play blackjack. The great thing about blackjack is that you can get the house playing experience for FREE. This is the only type of gambling game that allows you to get as much experience as you need completely for free. Once you have found a blackjack system that works for you, then at that point you can move on to playing blackjack online or in person for real money. Blackjack is the only gambling game where you can get as much experience as you want completely free,

You can’t play poker online for free because the poker players in cash games play all the hands they see. With blackjack you play against the house as you would for real money. There are no different types of games or competitions based on money. Consistently earning a steady income playing blackjack online is one of the best feelings in the world. I have quit my day job and only play blackjack online to earn a steady income. I recently just broke the 100k a year mark and you can too!